Product documentation

Communication and messaging tools:

SmartInform product sheet SmartInform targeted, mass communication in an instant SmartConference product sheet SmartConference the innovative, instant conferencing solution SmartConference for sales product sheet SmartConference For Sales
the new, smarter way to conference your team
SmartAttend product sheet SmartAttend the cost-effective way to maximise NHS appointment attendance SmartCallback product sheet SmartCallback
a simple solution that helps your business respond when it says it will
SmartClick-to-call product sheet SmartClick2Call
a website call-me button to maximise sales potential
TCF product sheet SmartInform "TCF"
Embedding TCF in your operations
SmartInform Avoidable Contact product sheet SmartInform "Avoidable Contact"
Helping local authorities address (NI 14)
Debt Collection SmartInform Debt Collection
a multichannel approach to debt recovery

Voting and Survey tools:

SmartSurvey product sheet SmartSurvey the smart, new way to run surveys and polls SmartVote product sheet SmartVote
a phone-based survey system delivering quantified results in an instant

Specialist Solutions:

SmartOnCall product sheet SmartOnCall
brings clarity and accountability to on-call environments
SmartInform Gift Aid product sheet SmartInform
Gift Aid

is the smart way to recover Gift Aid income

BCM / DR Communications platform:

(BCM) product sheet SmartDesk (BCM) Introducing the family of SmartDesk's intelligent communication solutions SmartInform(BCM) product sheet SmartInform (BCM) offers the quickest way to respond, when seconds count SmartCallback(BCM) product sheet SmartCallback (BCM) ensures you make the right calls
SmartContact(BCM) product sheet SmartContact (BCM) establishes instant contact, when seconds count SmartTrak(BCM) product sheet SmartTrak (BCM) offers rapid location tracking by phone SmartOnCall(BCM) product sheet SmartOnCall (BCM) lets you see who's on call and speak with them instantly