Product Recall – maximising recall success

With many years’ experience in incident management, we appreciate the massive impact that product recall can have on your resource - and the pressure to maintain your company’s reputation, whilst protecting consumers.

Our goal is therefore to minimise the impact on your organisation whilst maximising recall success.

At short notice, we can dedicate a team of trained customer service agents to contact affected customers. Efficiency is key since costs can mount rapidly without the right technologies and systems in place. This is where SmartInform offers a key advantage.

Via SmartInform interactive voice messaging, we can contact any segments of your customer base rapidly. Live response and reporting is supported, with real-time customer acknowledgements, responses etc. displayed so you get a current view on the effectiveness of your recall campaign.

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SmartInform improves on traditional techniques:
Customers receive personalised communications more quickly
Voice, email and text messaging is lower cost than paid-for media
Ease-of-operation with rapid deployment and no integration issues
Tracks message receipts; tracking radio, posters, TV etc is not so easy!
Provides a communications audit trail showing realtime campaign impact