Interactive Voice Technology Free Trial

In these economically challenging times, we want to be sure that you get a clear idea of the benefits of using SmartDesk applications and the impact they can have on your business.

The trial, subject to capacity and our discretion, is available on these leading SmartDesk products for a 30 day period:

  • SmartInform automated voice messaging tool and conferencing system
  • SmartCallback call scheduling and trigger system
  • SmartAttend appointment reminder system and messaging tool

Please click the above for more specific details on the product benefits.

You can have as many staff as you would like (in one location) using your selected SmartDesk service.

What is the impact of integrating the service?

One of the advantages of SmartDesk solutions is that they are online hosted services which means there are no integration issues or procedures with legacy systems. This makes the 30 day trial easy to implement.

How free is free?

We will not charge you for the service we provide, for a usage license, for deployment or subsequent cancellation if you decide not to go ahead with a purchase.

Costs payable will be call charges and SMS charges incurred in usage of the service under evaluation. We also recommend training for which we make an appropriate charge.