Putting the customer first, fast – with SmartInform

In today’s climate, it’s not hard to grasp why many businesses are putting customer focus as their top priority, only too aware that, should they fall short, a competitor will step in.

For many businesses, that commercial reality is compounded by regulatory requirements to ensure a duty of care, fair play, fair treatment - call it what you will - to customers.

The smarter companies are embracing these developments and creating a point of differentiation in their customer touchpoints. And technology is helping them achieve this.

It’s now easy, low cost and fully automatable to communicate with customers:

  • when an order will be delivered, whether this is acceptable, whether they would like to reschedule; whether they wish to place a new order, and so on
  • when an item is expected to be in stock, when it is in stock, whether they would like to place an order, whether they would like to be put through to an agent, and so on
  • the date and time of an appointment, interview or showing, whether this is suitable, whether they would like to reschedule, their confirmed rescheduling, and so on
  • when an event is taking place, whether they wish to book a seat, whether they wish to discuss it with an agent; why it has been cancelled, when it has been rescheduled, whether a refund is preferred, and so on
  • any information that may interest or affect them, whether they would like to discuss it, whether they want to receive updates, and so on

Using SmartInform interactive voice technology, all these user-defined actions are conducted by customers responding to automated voice messaging via their phone key pad. It’s as easy as pressing 1, 2, 3 and speaking.

SmartInform voice messaging tool offers a big advantage over email, SMS, website postings and letter mail. Customer driven organisations like Argos, Eurostar, The Post Office and South Staffs Water are already benefiting.

More on SmartInform

SmartInform is much more than customer messaging
Distributes information across your organisation
Brings key contacts together on a conference in seconds
2-way capability gives customers and you the opportunity to engage
Delivers compliance in areas where customer service is accountable
Helps drive numerous business processes eg. debt collection, BCM
Shows campaign effectiveness in realtime with flexible reporting
Acts as a communications lifeline in BCM / DR