SmartOnCall brings clarity and communication
to on-call team environments

Evolved from call centre technology, SmartOnCall is an on-call registration system that helps manage all on-duty personnel and teams. As a messaging tool, it provides the missing link where teams, often geographically dispersed, seek clarity on on-call staff.

It’s an innovative, rapidly deployable solution that makes the most of traditional technology - namely, the phone.

SmartOnCall allows team members to register and assign themselves remotely against specific roles, functions or teams. That way you know who is on duty at any one time, and you can communicate with them or the whole team in an instant. It therefore has a natural fit as part of your BCM toolkit, with DR teams for instance.

How does it work?      SmartOnCall for BCM / DR

Who can benefit?
Distributed management teams Maintenance crews
BCM & DR and incident management teams Transport crews and controller management
Security teams Change control teams
SMT conferencing Quality control teams
PR and marketing teams Safety inspection teams
Sales teams Hazard control teams