SmartAttend – the cost-effective way to maximise
appointment attendance

SmartAttend is an appointment reminder system which uses automated voice messaging to minimise missed appointments or DNA’s (“Did Not Attends”) particularly in the NHS.

It is a multichannel reminder system which helps cut no-show rates by communicating with your patients the way they – and you – want. Along with text and email communication, SmartAttend offers the unrivalled benefits of interactive voice technology, appealing to all patient populations.

Voice messaging offers many benefits over traditional processes:

  • Messages can be personalised
  • It supports live response
  • Messages can be delivered in the patient’s native language
  • Message length is not restricted unlike SMS
  • It’s better for people uncomfortable with mobiles or computers
  • It’s better for the visually impaired

Messaging costs are highly competitive and, as a hosted service, it can pay for itself within weeks.

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“More than 1.1 million appointments were missed at London hospitals in 2007. That’s 3200 missed appointments per day”

“Missed appointments cost the NHS £600 million annually”

(source: Evening Standard)

“The cost of each missed slot is estimated by the Government at about £100.”

“Research by the NHS into "no-shows" has found that in two thirds of cases patients simply forget about their appointments.”