IT & Telecommunications

SmartDesk knows a thing or two about IT and Telecoms. We’re a technology developer and through our partner CTL Europe, we provide managed IT services to a number of UK companies. Many of our senior staff have a telecoms background too.

This has helped shape the development of the SmartDesk suite of tools.

When Virgin Media and Argos wanted a callback solution to ensure they never missed a customer callback, we delivered a web-based solution that did just that but in a way that optimised the efficiency of their agents, presenting each call for them.

The same callback technology, evolved from SmartDesk call centre technology, is well suited to customer retention particularly in the contract-based telecoms sector.

For the communication of information and updates, SmartInform gives you a messaging tool to do this via voice broadcast or SMS in a matter of minutes irrespective of the volume. As it supports interactive voice messaging, the recipient needs to only press the phone keypad to speak with an agent, for instance.

SmartInform also improves the effectiveness of debt collection programmes as well as providing the communication suite in BCM / DR and general incident management.

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