SmartCallback – a smarter way to ensure real
customer responsiveness

Few things create more of a negative impression than a customer being promised a callback that never happens.

If you're a call centre, it sends a negative signal that fosters a poor reputation for your company. Complaints, call durations and queues all increase, whilst performance deteriorates.

If you're a sales team, a missed callback creates a bad impression and suggests that customer focus is low on your agenda.

SmartCallback offers a smart answer.

How can SmartCallback interactive voice technology help?

Based on call centre technology, SmartCallback is a clever call scheduling tool that ensures your business responds when it says it will. It schedules, prompts and loads calls for you, as agreed with your customers. It allows your agents time to access customer account information too. In short, it's a sure, simple way to keep your customers feeling valued, whilst promoting agent efficiency.

How does it work?      SmartCallback for BCM / DR