The messaging tool at the heart
of our solutions

SmartDesk business applications are based around the SmartInform communication platform, a web-hosted engine that supports various modules for specific businesses.

SmartInform provides for a secure, flexible, scalable and auditable messaging toolkit. It harnesses the unique, persuasive advantages of interactive voice technology as well as SMS and email. Modular design means solutions can readily be developed to address most communication-based business requirements, without the need for integration and the associated expense.

Some seriously smart call centre technology underpins the SmartDesk solutions, yet the inbuilt intelligence can be triggered as simply as pressing a key on a phone or keyboard.

Companies like Eurostar, Argos, 3663 and The Post Office are currently exploiting the various modular aspects of the SmartInform platform, such as:

Appointment Reminder system Gift Aid Recovery solution
Product Recall Debt Collection
BCM / Disaster Recovery On-call team planning & communication
Customer callback scheduler Stock & supply notification system
Event update and notification system Instant conference calls
Minimising “Avoidable Contact” "Treating Customers Fairly"
Customer & staff contact system Location tracking via mobile phone


“SmartDesk’s approach and support cannot be praised enough. Training, instruction, ongoing support and guidance have been excellent and responsive. I’m very impressed that SmartDesk share our commitment to success”.

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