SmartDesk applications give a significant edge to utility companies in their quest to uphold commitments to customers and regulatory bodies. Innovative SmartDesk solutions include automated voice messaging and a voice-based appointment reminder service.

With the increased regulatory framework facing the UK water and sewerage companies, through SmartInform, we offer the ideal communications solution to deliver demonstrable customer focus, for incident management, accelerated debt recovery and Ofwat compliance.

With utility companies being assessed on the ability to respond to, and inform, customers accurately, consistently and reliably, SmartInform delivers a highly efficient means to comply and excel.

Evolving from our pioneering call centre technology, SmartDesk has developed a clever application to ensure your organisation never fails to make a customer callback. SmartCallback optimises call efficiency, scheduling and presenting the call so agents can focus on service and not the process.

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“Feedback from customers and consumer groups has been very much in favour of SmartInform”.

“SmartDesk’s approach and support cannot be praised enough. I’m very impressed that SmartDesk share our commitment to success in this project”.

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