SmartDesk applications promote innovation, typically through interactive voice technology, to give businesses an edge. For large organisations, tools based around the SmartInform engine and SmartCallback offer attractive performance enhancements at lower cost, particularly in customer support and communication.

SmartDesk is able to tailor applications specific to the requirements of corporates, and currently count the Post Office, Argos, Eurostar, Virgin Media and 3663 among those presently benefiting from its technology.

PR and marketing departments will appreciate the messaging capability of SmartInform too, with the ability to conference in key stakeholders in seconds. In times of crisis management, it performs a vital role for BCM / DR teams, ensuring key stakeholders are mobilised rapidly.

HR will benefit from the automated voice messaging ability of SmartInform to reinforce news, plans, updates, reminders, etc with colleagues in a way that offers an instant view of receipt, acknowledgement and response. Together with the company intranet it offers a powerful tool to encourage best practice.

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