About Us

SmartDesk was borne out of the rapid growth in customer call centres - a growth SmartDesk saw as unmatched by supporting technologies - and a belief in the value of cloud computing.

Working with the Wembley-based call centre, CTL Europe, we set about developing innovative communication solutions that would introduce new efficiencies to call centres.

These call centre technology applications included voice and text broadcasting tools, callback solutions and call queue busting technology. At their core was the capability to significantly reduce and manage inbound customer contact.

These solutions attracted the likes of the Post Office, Virgin Media, Argos and 3663 who commissioned SmartDesk to develop bespoke tools, exploiting interactive voice technology for more mainstream commercial application.

Since its inception in 2007, SmartDesk has retained its ongoing partnership with CTL Europe to ensure a dynamic, customer focus that is second to none.

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