SmartOnCall interactive voice technology helps you
manage on-call environments

Without centralised control and communication, co-ordination and management of teams and individuals assigned to specific projects will often be at a disadvantage. This can be further exacerbated where teams and individuals are geographically dispersed.

Following discussions with Eurostar, SmartOnCall was developed as a team management and communication tool that provides the missing link where team management and members require clarity on on-call personnel.

SmartOnCall allows team members to register and assign themselves remotely against specific roles, functions or teams. A permanent phone number is allocated to the ‘on-call’ role and when the on-call employee finishes his or her shift, the next one simply rings the number to register as the on-call person.

All calls to the on-call number will be routed to whoever is registered on-call. This offers the advantage of having just one phone number per role, irrespective of which phone is being used.

The system allows team members and management, to conference anyone in the group in an instant. This makes it ideal for rapid response, change control and incident management.

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SmartOnCall is ideal for:
Distributed management teams Security teams
BCM/DR teams Transport crews
Hazard control teams Distributed DR scenarios
Change control teams SMT conferencing
PR agencies Sales teams
Quality control teams Safety inspection teams