SmartDesk develops intelligent communication applications that enhance customer experience, improve customer loyalty and optimise the use of internal resources. They can be tailored specifically to address your business requirements and processes, reducing operational cost and giving your business an edge in today's markets. Products include:

Communication and messaging tools:

  • SmartInform - Bulk messaging tool incl. automated voice messaging allowing you to issue communications, and conference, in seconds.
  • SmartConference - Hold instant conferences with any number of people when you want, without the inefficiencies of traditional audio conferencing.
  • SmartAttend - An appointment reminder system developed to minimise missed appointments, particularly in the NHS.

Call scheduling tools:

  • SmartCallback - Ensures that your business never misses another customer callback whilst maximising the efficiency of your agents.
  • SmartClick2Call - An instant and easy way for website visitors to request a call-back when it is most convenient for them. Part of the SmartCallback service.

Team management tools:

  • SmartOnCall - An on-call registration system that helps manage all on-duty personnel and supports team conferencing, via interactive voice technology.

Polling and voting tools:

  • SmartSurvey - A new, smart way to run surveys and polls via interactive voice technology.
  • SmartVote - An innovative voting system for event conferences that works via standard mobile phones.

Call recording tools:

  • SmartReplay - A call centre technology solution that records all calls or selected portions which can be accessed via an online application.

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Communications platform: