‘SmartContinuity’ – the Business Continuity
Communications platform

Business Continuity Management (BCM) provides a framework to ensure that your business is prepared to handle any major business-impacting event, that it can continue to service your key customers and that it can protect your brand and reputation.

The SmartContinuity family of BCM applications has been built specifically to support your BC framework – in particular, disaster recovery – and provide an intelligent communications platform to help secure your long-term survivability following a crisis.

At the core is an innovative messaging tool that brings immediacy, clarity, accountability, auditability, control and communication to individuals, teams and organisations - at a time when they most need it.

Our BCM / DR platform ‘SmartContinuity’ includes:

  • SmartInform – instant, targeted messaging tool with interactive voice technology
  • SmartCallback – call scheduling and triggering technology
  • SmartOnCall – on-call personnel management system
  • SmartContact – staff contact and acknowledgement service
  • SmartTrak – location tracking via mobile

For a limited period, we are offering a communication solutions suite comprising SmartInform, SmartOnCall and SmartContact for less than £10,000.

Click on the above links for more information on each then call us on 020 3190 3190 for details or to arrange a demo.

Through our partner, CTL Europe, we can also offer a Recovery Centre with extensive facilities.