SmartConference – the innovative, instant
conferencing solution

Most conferencing solutions are anything but simple. The host and all other participants need to have at least a dial-in number to hand before they remember to access the call. It is little wonder that many conferences start late, lose focus and need to be rescheduled.

SmartConference is the solution. It makes conferencing and participation a doddle.

SmartConference means your conference participants receive a call, rather than having to make a call, when you want to start a conference. It’s just as easy for the organiser as the participants too, since it’s all triggered through an easy-to-use online interface. You can even record and distribute a recording of the conference using InstaMinutes™.

The big advantage is that it supports both unplanned and planned conferencing so it offers real incident management and business continuity capability and other dynamic environments like sales.

As a web-hosted interactive voice technology, there is no integration requirement, with minimal impact on your capex.

How does it work? >

SmartConference Traditional Audio Conferencing
Supports instant, unscheduled conferencing X
Supports scheduled conferencing
Effective without dial-in access phone number X
Effective without dial-in access PIN X
Effective irrespective of legacy systems X
Real-time reporting X
Capability for conference recording X
Minimal impact on capex X