SmartClick2Call maximises the sales and support
potential of your website

You’ve worked hard to create a site that gets the attention of prospects and customers. Yet research shows that visitors will reference multiple sources to seek reassurance in their purchase decision.

Making it easy to speak to your business gives you a big advantage.

That’s where SmartClick2Call helps.

Developed as part of 'SmartCallback' call centre technology, SmartClick2Call offers your website visitors an easy way to request a callback from your business when it’s most convenient for them. You simply add a click-to-call button on your website – typically in the sales or shopping cart section or a customer service section. The customer clicks this icon and a simple form pops up.

The customer confirms their desired time and date of a callback, and their area of interest. When the time comes, SmartClick2Call automatically calls your organisation and gives your agent the option to connect to the customer with the time to qualify the area of interest. It’s simple and cost-effective.

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