SmartInform Gift Aid reclaim service

Gift Aid allows charities to claim back the basic rate tax (currently 25p per £1) from individual donations enabling them to significantly increase their income.

Charities often miss out on this extra contribution, and millions of pounds are lost due to donors failing to make a Gift Aid declaration.

Act now to recover backdated Gift Aid

SmartDesk can help you maximise ‘lost’ Gift Aid income. What’s more, we're able to secure backdated Gift Aid for four years so you stand to recover a significant percentage of the lost income. The sooner you act, the more you stand to gain since the Gift Aid recovery period has already been reduced to four years.

Using SmartInform voice messaging tool, we’re able to offer a significantly more efficient way to recover lost Gift Aid income than via traditional donor calls, emails, SMS and letter. Using interactive voice technology, we can secure donors' Gift Aid declarations in a matter of seconds. The service can be rapidly deployed without any integration issues.

How does it work?


“Inefficient Giving Costs Charities Over £1 Billion”.

“Failure to collect Gift Aid cost the sector £700 million in 2007.”


Nearly 60% of the respondents to a Charity Commission report said they had experienced a marked reduction in income because of the recession.

Download the SmartInform for Gift Aid PDF