SmartVote – An electronic voting system that
works via your phone

SmartVote is an innovative solution that allows participants to vote via their phones - with no need for specialist equipment. This makes it ideal for events, conferences and workplaces where the cost of electronic voting systems is likely to be prohibitive.

The polled votes can be viewed live on an electronic screen if required, creating real buzz of anticipation and engagement.

How does it work?

SmartVote exploits the messaging capability of SmartInform interactive voice technology. A survey is set up as an ‘event’ via an online application, with the audience phone numbers imported. (This takes a matter of seconds).

Each question put to the vote is recorded in advance through a simple voice recording, with each prefaced by a personalised message. With everyone ready, you hit ‘publish’ on the online interface and the audience receives your voice message on their phone.

The audience then casts their votes via their phone keypad. Within seconds, the live votes are tallied, and the process is repeated for the next question.

How can it help your business?

Download the SmartVote PDF
Download the SmartVote PDF for Event & Conferences