Banishing “Avoidable Contact” via interactive
voice technology

National Indicator 14 (NI 14) aims to reduce ‘avoidable contact’ between the community and local authorities.

Avoidable contact is the amount of contact that represents a poor use of customers’ and local authorities’ time. Simply put, the surest way for authorities to get ahead is to get it right first time, and where communication is necessary, to automate it, wherever possible.

It’s here that SmartDesk offers a big advantage, via SmartInform. The SmartInform messaging tool supports both high volume and personalised messaging - messaging that can be responded to, in realtime. This means, for instance, you could communicate in languages to suit all your citizens, and offer an option for them to respond via their phone keypad.

SmartInform promotes a proactive, best practice approach in your communications, and will issue voice and SMS messages to any number of individuals in seconds. That way you can easily keep your citizens informed and updated. In-so-doing, it can reduce inbound contact by upwards of 30% for local authorities.

Supporting multiple access, SmartInform is a secure, web-based application with flexible reporting. Being a web-hosted solution, there are no integration requirements for local authorities to deal with.

Download the "Avoildable Contact" PDF

NI 14 evolved from the 2007 Varney report which highlighted the opportunities for transforming public services. It is one of the 198 indicators against which local government is being assessed.

SmartDesk already helps UK utility companies adhere to regulatory customer commitments, particularly in optimising the communication process. >>