In a crisis, interactive voice technology offers
the quickest way to communicate

Speed of response is essential in any crisis. The quicker you can mobilise your incident management team, the better your chance of containing the financial impact to your business.

SmartInform minimises the delay in responding to an incident by providing you mass multichannel messaging so you can keep staff, customers, the press, suppliers and other stakeholders in the picture, with minimum effort.

The SmartInform messaging tool allows you to send pre-loaded or ad hoc messages and monitor who received and responded to them. An automatic re-send function means the system will continue to attempt to contact those who have not received the message. It means you can focus your resources on getting the business back on track.

As a web-hosted BCM solution, SmartInform offers the added resilience of any location access, using a standard online interface. With minimal impact on your capex, it can pay for itself within minutes during downtime.

SmartDesk's multi-function BCM communication platform

SmartInform is part of the SmartContinuity platform which has been built specifically to support an organisation's BCM framework – in particular disaster recovery – and to help secure long-term survival following a crisis. At the platform’s core is an innovative messaging engine that brings immediacy, clarity, accountability, auditability, control and communication to individuals, teams and organisations - at a time when they most need it.

The system is modular and cost-effective with a special offer available on the SmartInform, SmartOnCall and SmartContact services - please call 020 3190 3190 for further information.

How does it work?


SmartInform also provides an instant conferencing facility. In the face of a crisis, you can send a voice message to your workforce and append it with a response facility such as:

“Press 1 to confirm your full understanding of this message”

“Press 2 to enter a live conference with the business continuity team”

“Press 3 to speak with a member from HR”

Faced with a cancelled event, you could send an interactive message to all ticket holders such as:

“Press 1 to transfer your ticket to the rescheduled date of XX / XX / XXXX”

“Press 2 to request an automated refund”

“Press 3 to speak to one of our ticket agents”