In response to the reduction in levels of charitable donations in the UK, SmartDesk introduced a revolutionary way for charities to secure Gift Aid from donors.

The SmartDesk solution, namely SmartInform Gift Aid uses one of the most effective and instantaneous communication tools, the human voice.

SmartInform Gift Aid will deliver interactive voice messages to any number of a charity’s donors in an instant. The donors can immediately indicate their Gift Aid declaration by following a simple prompt.

The message content, the donors to be contacted and the time the messages are sent are all under the control of the charity through a very easy to use web interface.

This Gift Aid declaration is valid on current, future and any previous donations. The ability to secure lost Gift Aid revenue is especially attractive as it allows charities to recover a significant percentage of lost income.

Although HMRC does not endorse or accredit particular systems, we have worked closely with them when developing SmartInform Gift Aid and here is an extract from a communication with them:

“I can confirm that the procedures and systems in place within SmartDeskSystems would produce results that are consistent with the legislation governing charitable tax reliefs” – HMRC Auditor

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