Ensure your business responds when it says it will

For any customer, there are few things more underwhelming than being promised a callback that’s never comes. With this one piece of inaction, you’ll have developed a very poor view of the company – and feel inclined to try a competitor.

And yet, with call centre agents struggling to cope during peak hours and increased pressure on sales teams to deliver, many calls are unintentionally missed.

SmartCallback solves this for once and for all.

SmartCallback ensures your customers are called back when your business says it will. Call scheduling triggers these calls at a time convenient to your customers, and it helps arm your agents with customer profile information to make it a focused call. That way, you keep your customers feeling happy and valued. You also ensure accountability and optimised efficiency among your agents.

SmartCallback puts you back in control – and it’s easy to use.

How does it work?

SmartCallback is ideal for:
Customer service Customer call centres
Sales organisations IT & technical support
Billing departments Market research agencies
Organisations with regulatory commitments to customers Organisations committed to SLA’s