“Treating Customers Fairly” Are you?

With the FSA checking that companies are applying the principles of TCF, promoting 'due regard to the interests of customers and treating them fairly', it’s in the interest of financial organisations to get the best tools for the job. For the communication process, we think you’ll be hard pressed to find a better solution than SmartInform.

SmartInform is a customer messaging tool that helps you address the TCF challenge for your business. It supports the actions and measures you take and provides the essential communication channel to your customers by any mix of voice, email or text. It will also help you tick all areas in the box opposite.

SmartInform enables automated voice messaging to selected or all segments of your customer base allowing you to easily manage the process and have customers respond the way they - and you - want.

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The FSA cites various areas to promote TCF:
Sales and marketing material
Product understanding
Advice and sales process
Fact Find content
Information and customer support (both pre- and post-sale)
Complaints handling process
Management information and record keeping
Staff training/awareness of TCF
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