SmartInform - intelligent communication solutions

SmartInform is an automated messaging tool designed for both unplanned and planned events where the ability to communicate efficiently - often in an instant - is key.

Through an easy-to-use web interface, SmartInform allows you to message any number of customers and contacts at the press of a key. Where it is particularly impressive is as a voice broadcasting service, where a high volume of messages are delivered in an instant.

SmartInform acts as the platform for most of the SmartDesk tools. It is both modular and flexible accommodating various plug-ins to support process specific applications. This provides innovative solutions for BCM / DR, Appointment Reminders, Gift Aid donations, Debt collection, Item delivery notifcations, On-call team environments and many more.

How does it work?      SmartInform for BCM / DR

SmartInform is much more than a customer messaging tool

  • Ideal as a voice broadcasting service
  • Distributes information across your organisation
  • Brings key stakeholders together on a conference in seconds
  • Interactive voice messaging gives you the opportunity to engage
  • Delivers compliance in areas where customer service is accountable
  • Helps drive numerous business processes eg. debt collection, BCM
  • Shows campaign effectiveness in realtime via flexible reporting
  • Acts as a communications lifeline in BCM / DR


“Feedback from customers and consumer groups including Citizens Advice Bureau has been very much in favour of SmartInform”.

“The speed with which messages are sent has exceeded our expectations”.

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