SmartSurvey – the new, smart way to hold surveys

SmartSurvey works through interactive voice technology. The questions you pose are relayed over the phone via a voice recording. This makes it personal yet not invasive, irrespective of where participants are located.

Respondents are sent a personalised message to their phone. Upon listening, they respond via the phone keypad. This offers real convenience since it means you can reach your audience wherever they are, and only need to provide a minimum level of information to secure their participation.

As with web-based surveys, the responses are captured instantly in a database and can be accessed securely from a website or presented live in a format of your choosing. This could be a specialised report format, on an electronic screen and so on.

SmartDesk developed SmartSurvey from its pioneering call centre technology, making it attractive to various polling requirements, as opposite.

How does it work?

SmartSurvey supports various types of polling:
General and focus group research
Market research, experiential marketing, opinion polling
Employee and customer surveys
Voting sessions eg. for shareholders
Advertising testing, product testing
Beauty contests and other pageants
TV game shows and special events (eg. talent contests)
Download the SmartSurvey PDF