Missed appointments is a costly business for any

For many businesses, especially the health sector, the cost of failed appointments can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Whilst acceptable for some, the use of SMS and email is not ideal in reaching certain groups like the elderly and partially sighted, and non-English speakers; or for email, those without a computer.

In addition, few people respond to the message they receive, making it difficult to project the number of attendees.

SmartDesk puts an end to missed appointments via an innovative, automated voice messaging system.

Introducing SmartInform

SmartInform is a messaging tool that cuts missed appointments rates by communicating with your customers the way they want. Alongside text and email communication, SmartInform offers the unrivalled benefits of interactive voice technology, which is where it seriously improves on traditional means.

As a web-based service, Smartnform is easily deployed and backed by extensive reporting that allows you to see in real-time the effectiveness of your reminder communications.

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