SmartCallback ensures you make all the right calls
during a crisis

Unplanned events can have catastrophic effects on your business. The more organised you are, the better placed you are to handle the consequences.

SmartCallback has been developed from SmartDesk's pioneering call centre technology. It ensures that, as part of incident management, critical follow-up calls are made. Whether you need reminding which customers need a callback when your systems are back online, or whether you want to make sure your recovery partners are delivering to their service level commitments, SmartCallback ensures your organisation always makes that vital call.

Your recovery co-ordination team can see at a glance which callbacks have been made and which haven’t, to whom they’ve been made, what the outcomes have been and what the next steps are. With multiple safeguards to ensure your team doesn’t lose track of who needs to be called when, and with a dashboard and reporting suite providing full analysis and auditability, SmartCallback puts you in control, at a time that demands control.

SmartDesk's multi-function BCM communication platform

SmartCallback is part of the SmartContinuity platform which has been built specifically to support an organisation's BCM framework – in particular disaster recovery – and to help secure long-term survival following a crisis. At the platform’s core is an innovative messaging engine that brings immediacy, clarity, accountability, auditability, control and communication to individuals, teams and organisations - at a time when they most need it.

The system is modular and cost-effective with a special offer available on SmartInform, SmartOnCall and SmartContact interactive voice technology - please call 020 3190 3190 for further information.

SmartContinuity BC Communication Platform
SmartInform Individual, group and mass messaging
SmartCallback Right person, right time callback service
SmartOnCall Team coordination and communication
SmartContact Digital register for staff and contacts
SmartTrak Location tracking system
Recovery Centre Recovery Centre with extensive facilities delivered via our partner CTL Europe
Download the SmartCallback (BCM) PDF