SmartInform is a smarter way for product recall

Targeting customers by text, email and, in particular, interactive voice messaging ensures a more cost-effective means to protecting consumers unlike the hit-and-miss approach of press, TV and radio notices or direct mail.

Through our partner CTL Europe, we can schedule and manage engineer appointments, issue customer instructions and apologies as well as handle supportive administration.

We will work with you to ensure that your customers experience a professional and effective service that upholds your brand values during this challenging period. We can also manage the post-recall communication process with customers to minimise any loss in reputation.

Key groups to reach include:

  • Customers
  • Retail outlets
  • Online user groups and networks; company and partner websites
  • Press including trade publications; radio and/or TV
  • Professional institutions, research organisations
  • Government or local authority departments
  • Police and other emergency services

Like the SmartDesk BCM solution, the Product Recall service is low cost making it highly affordable to deploy. Its versatility also means it can be used for other communications, ensuring rapid ROI even if it is not called upon for product recall.

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Recall success varies greatly, dependent on:
Cost of the item*
How risky the faulty item is perceived to be
Age and value of the item
Media used to highlight the recall
Money spent effectively to alert consumers

*Items costing less than £10 tend to achieve recall rates of less than 10%, while the average rate for goods above that threshold was 44% to 51%, rising slightly as the cost of the product increases above 50".
(*Source: 20 February 2007)