SmartInform helps optimise, not compromise
your resources

Messaging via interactive voice technology offers significant advantages. And using SmartInform's voice application enables you to issue specific, personalised notifications in an instant:

“Dear Mr. Smith
Your appointment (or interview etc.) is at 16.30 on Friday 29th May at our Fulham branch, at 370 Fulham Road, London SW10 9NH”
“Press 1 on your phone keypad to confirm you will be attending”
“Press 2 to cancel this appointment”
“Press 3 to reschedule this appointment”

…and so on, conveying the information required

With Smartnform, you get to see:

  • who is attending
  • who has cancelled
  • who is re-scheduling their appointment, and when
  • that your available resource and appointment slots are being optimised

Confidentiality is ensured by releasing the message only to recipients who pass a verification check, confirmed by entering characters on a phone keypad.

SmartInform can also reschedule the delivery of messages where the initial message is not received.

Messages can easily be appended to remind attendees to bring along any required items such as completed forms, ID, passports, medical records and so on. SmartInform is ideal for messages such as acknowledgments, ‘thankyou’s, data verification requests, internal notifications and updates.

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The difference SmartInform makes
Significantly reduced inbound call volumes
Improved customer experience
Real ease of operation with no integration issues
Tailorable to your specific requirements
Minimal impact on your capex
A cost that's a fraction of a frontline agent's salary
Rapid return on investment