SmartDesk offers the complete solution

If your organization requires administrative support with your appointments booking programme, or live helpdesk support, SmartDesk provides a total solution.

At short notice, we can dedicate a team of trained customer service agents to manage your bookings plan and support your customers. We can do this in multiple languages and around-the-clock too, if required.

Put simply, to optimise your appointment scheduling and attendance, we can offer any mix of the following options:

  1. SmartInform, the automated standalone solution
  2. full administrative support
  3. customer helpdesk support

We deliver support via our partner CTL Europe. CTL’s Wembley-based contact centre offers multilingual call handling, helpdesk facilities, CRM, database management, email, text and voice messaging services and administrative support. With many years experience of customer support including communication in the most challenging environments, we’re able to deliver cost-effective solutions that can offer a return on investment within a matter of weeks.

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