“Treating Customers Fairly” with SmartInform

SmartDesk interactive voice technology means instant customer response and engagement:

"Example 1:As a Top Cat Savings account holder, you are now eligible to move to our Top Dog account offering X.X% interest. Press 1 now if you wish to confirm this, or press 2 to speak with an agent".

In an instant, you can communicate updates (like new interest rates), notifications (such as terms and conditions) and requests (eg. for a valid email). And with extensive reporting, capturing customer responses and auditing the success of your communication initiatives is effortless.

Example 2: "Please note that Company X has updated its policies with regard to lending. Details can be found online at www.companyx.com/update. Alternatively, press 1 to hear the update in full with the option of speaking to an agent".

SmartInform offers much more than supporting TCF. It helps maximise your debt recovery; it minimises disruption and brings key stakeholders together in seconds during critical incidents; it's an instant conferencing solution that gets all your contacts in conference in seconds. It can also drive product recall and Gift Aid declaration programmes.

And its biggest attraction? It will cost you a fraction of the cost of a frontline customer agent.