Debt Recovery is smarter with SmartInform

Using SmartInform, you can target and reach all your debtors with one click, in minutes. You can repeat the process as often as you want, refining your message accordingly.

SmartInform will handle both the unskilled and skilled elements of the call. The former might be verifying the identity of the key account holder. This means your agents spend more time focused on collecting the debt.

You can set SmartInform to issue an escallation of messages via voice, SMS or email to the time-frames you want. Using these channels at an increased frequency will help maximise the value of your debt collection. As an example:

  1. You message a segment of your debtors via email
  2. You issue an SMS to those who take no action. The SMS could link to a website page or log-in section, the debt amount or a number to call
  3. You follow this up with a voice message, offering the recipient to “Press 1 to make a payment or Press 2 to discuss the matter with an agent”
  4. Any remaining non-respondents could then be addressed via letters or calls.

Tracking the effectiveness of your debt collection activity is simple. SmartInform provides extensive live reporting so you can see who has acted upon your multichannel messaging in realtime and the impact on cash collection. You can then refine your campaign accordingly.