How can SmartVote voting help your business?

Generating valuable, instant response through SmartVote is a doddle, and as a business tool it provides considerable value, with the list opposite providing various examples.

It can help generate instant sales too. For example, SmartVote was recently employed at a wine-tasting event for a top UK wine merchant. Over half the attendees proceeded to purchase a minimum of four bottles of one of the top three wines, as voted via SmartVote.

SmartVote captures all responses by mobile, enabling full analysis of the data. This can be invaluable in identifying departmental or clustered views, underlying trends, anomalies etc. that typical systems may not provide. The findings can be used to improve retention and comprehension, to identify priorities and preferences, to accelerate decision making, build consensus, and much more.

As a web-hosted, automated voice messaging solution, SmartVote means limited impact on your capex, and a small license fee and per call charge.

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SmartVote supports all kinds of voting:
General and focus group research
Market research, opinion polling
Advertising testing, product testing
Beauty contests and other pageants
TV game shows, special events (eg. talent contests)
Employee and customer surveys
Voting sessions eg. for shareholders

“Beats a ‘show-of-hands’ by a mile… not only was it a lot of fun for everyone but it helped introduce a new audience to Spanish wines. The fact they bought a lot at the event was a big plus.”

UK Wine Merchant