SmartSurvey – how does it work?

To run a mobile-based survey, an ‘event’ is set up via an easy-to-use web application, with the phone numbers (mobile or landline) of all participants imported.

Each survey question is recorded in advance via a simple voice recording, which could be prefaced with a brief explanation. The voice of the chairman, sponsor or supporting celebrity could be used. At the press of a key, the survey is published.

SmartSurvey relies on the use of phone keypads for instant, convenient participation; e.g. to indicate opinion by pressing 1 to 5 where 1 means fully agree and 5 means fully disagree, and so on. Responses are received and recorded in realtime and can be presented in a variety of data and reporting formats, such as Excel, CSV, PDF and XML.

SmartSurvey links to your IVR for satisfaction tracking

Interactive voice technology allows callers to respond to a telephone message using buttons on their phone keypad. SmartSurvey offers a natural fit and can be deployed effectively as a add-on to the customer support function of any business looking to gain feedback on the support it provides.

As a web-hosted solution, SmartSurvey means limited capex, on the basis of a modest upfront license fee.

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