SmartOnCall - how does it work?

SmartOnCall is based on interactive voice technology. A permanent phone number is allocated to the ‘on-call’ role and when the on-call employee finishes his or her shift, the next person simply rings the number to register as ‘on-call’.

All calls to the ‘on-call’ number will be routed to whoever is registered. This delivers the advantage of having one phone number per role, irrespective of which phone is being used.

Any employees who have on-call duty as part of a team, project or function can register using their phone to enable full team co-ordination. (For security, an ID code can be included as part of the process). Anyone with access can then view events and members. On hitting “instant conference” they can speak to anyone they select in the team within seconds. Users can add other numbers too to expand the group as required. In short, SmartOnCall ensures right person contact at the right time.

Utilising SmartDesk’s InstaMinutes™ technology, all calls can be recorded for added auditability.

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