How does SmartInform (BCM) work?

When an unplanned incident occurs (or a planned event is imminent), you create an “event” in the online interface. You upload the contact details for your customers and staff etc (imported from a spreadsheet or manually) and message them, exploiting the unique benefits of voice (or text). Groups and messages you create are stored, making the exercise very quick repeat.

Customers who contact you by phone can be updated on the event via a message on your IVR (“Press 1 to be kept updated…”). They will then receive updates on their chosen phone number.

SmartInform (BCM) is a web-hosted, automated voice messaging system that you can access as required, as part of incident management. This makes it cost-effective, with minimal impact on capex and no hardware investment.

A vital edge when seconds count
Mobilise your BCM / DR team rapidly at the press of a key
Messages, alerts and updates issued in an instant by voice, text and more
Conference in all key contacts in seconds
Minimise inbound contact via updates from mobile or PC
Added resilience via any location access
Minimal capex impact with no hardware integration
Recovery Centre with extensive facilities available via CTL Europe

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