How does the SmartInform messaging tool work?

When an unplanned incident occurs or a planned event is imminent, you create an “event” in the online interface. This takes just a couple of minutes.

You upload the contact details for the customers you wish to message (extracted from a spreadsheet or manualy) and hit 'publish' to message them. Within minutes you can issue mass, targeted communications by voice or text to any number of contacts.

SmartInform’s extensive reporting provides for a full audit trail and shows in real-time the response to your communications. As a live environment, it means you can quickly assess the scale of an incident and manage it proactively.

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How SmartInform works for you
Significantly reduced inbound call volumes
Improved customer experience
Ease of operation with no integration issues
Tailorable to your specific requirements
Highly flexible and modular, supporting multiple plug-ins
Rapid ROI with a cost at a fraction of a frontline agent's salary
Download the SmartInform PDF