A new release of SmartInform is now available

New features have been added to SmartInform (V2.1) 20.4.2009

  • A simplified group upload process where numbers are identified and sorted into groups directly from the source (.csv) file
  • When uploading a CSV file, any duplicate numbers, or numbers that are too long or short are identified. An error will appear and the affected numbers will be logged in a new tab "import errors"
  • The creation of an event is now customisable, meaning that your users will find it really convenient and even simpler to do this than before
  • When sending an update a "pause" facility is now available. This is useful if the update unexpectedly generates a lot of calls into the call centre or if a mistake has been made
  • The speed of publishing an update is faster and it is possible to control the speed as an update is being sent
  • There is a colour coded progress bar, so that one can see at a glance the progress of the current update