Gift Aid reclaim period reduced from 1st of April

If you’re a Gift Aid registered organisation, you can presently claim up to six years’ backdated Gift Aid on donations received. However, as of 1st April 2010, the reclaim period is reduced to four years, in other words, two years’ potential Gift Aid income lost*.

SmartDesk can help you to avoid losing those two years – but you’ll need to act fast.

SmartInform by SmartDesk makes the all-important process of securing Gift Aid declarations easy. As a voice-based, paperless system, SmartInform obtains declarations within seconds via a personalised message which donors respond to, confirming Gift Aid consent, in real-time.

It offers a far more cost-effective and instant solution than traditional techniques, and at no cost or inconvenience to the donor. To assist the reclaim process, bespoke reporting provides an audit trail of who has been contacted and all declarations are recorded in sound files for auditing purposes.

The SmartInform service is validated by HM Revenue & Customs and currently in use by a number of leading UK charities.

*The reclaim period will depend on your exemption date. Charitable trusts can claim back donations for the last five years. As of 1st April 2010, this is similarly reduced to four years.